About & Services

IMG_1588Hi! I’m Michelle and this is my furry best friend Toby. I love to travel with Toby, via plane, train or car. He’s great at traveling, and just sees airplanes as a big car with a window.

I’m also a sommelier and used to be a wine and food writer with Gannett Newspapers and Taste Magazine. Now I just enjoy the wine.

We’re based in Atlanta, home of the busiest airport in the world. I’m from Cincinnati, OH, originally, with a stop-off in San Francisco, before settling in Atlanta a few years ago. You can also follow my travel Instagram account to follow my personal travel adventures. I do have a bit of the Travel Bug myself! If you’re looking for just Toby and myself doing dog-with-his-human things, we’re on Instagram at agirl.and.herdog.

With this site, I want to give you tips on traveling with your pet, as well as general travel news and secrets. I’m passionate about travel, and Dog Gone Travels can help you with all of your travel needs. I hope you find this site helpful and let me know if you have any questions!

Travel Services

While Dog Gone Travels can help you with all of your travel needs, including domestic & international vacations and cruises, we do have a few specialities:

  • Pet-friendly travel bookings
  • Consulting on pet-friendly travel, both domestic and international
  • Wine & food travel, domestic and international
  • Caribbean all-inclusive resorts
  • Customized European tours based around events, including concerts, shows and holidays